HYDROFOK with Hydraulic Power Pack

HydroFOK is used to blow tubes into the ducts.

This machine is prepared for two different types ;

1) Seven tubes (diameter 10mm) into the ducts (diameter 50mm).

2) Four tubes (diameter 12mm) into the ducts (diameter 50mm).


[dcs_image align=”left” src=”http://cable-jet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/HYDROFOK-super-jet-cable-jet.jpg” w=”100″ h=”100″ mleft=”5″ mtop=”5″ mright=”5″ mbottom=”5″ /]Firstly fill tubes with air after that give tubes to the machine as in cd.Tubes must be in the paralel line  and palettes must hold all ducts in everywhere ıf tubes is not between two palettes tubes will be damages when you start to the machıne.

After giving tubes to the machine you need to start engine and thenopen hydraulic unit. Using engine and starting hydraulic unit is writing in Atlas Copco’s and Honda’s catalogues we have given them with machine.

Now we need to give air to the hdp duct to not to make big friction between tubes and duct.

After doing all things upper we can blow tubes to the duct