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Fiber optic infrastructure make this product gives you a fast and reliable.

Kösmak Makina | Kosmak Machine

FOK Machine | Fiber Optic Cable Blowers
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MiniFOK Machine

MiniFOK machine can blow between diameters 6mm to 12mm. All specifications are same as FOK Machine. If you interest it please contact us from contact page.

HydroFOK Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machines

Hydro fok (super jet) is used to blow tubes into the ducts.

This machine is prepared for two different types ;

1)Seven tubes (diameter 10mm) into the ducts (diameter 50mm).

2)Four tubes (diameter 12mm) into the ducts (diameter 50mm). more information

MicroFOK - Cable Jetting

cable-jetFiber optic cable blowing machine is designed for diameter 6mm-8 mm cable to the ducts 14 mm diameter.

We have given parts for diameter 1-3  mm cable to 8 mm duct. You can change duct and cable diameters with using parts given with machine. more information…

Fiber Blowing Machines - FOK Machine

Our standart Fok Machine Manufacturing designed to work with the 40 HDP pipe diameter. The connector, which can be adjusted according to  HDP pipe diameter, can be manufactured.

Weight of FOK is 45 kg, working mode. FOK is  a very compact machine with a cable-laying. more information…

FOK Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines - Advantages of Cable Blowing Machines

- Fiber optic cable is installed into the duct by a gentle push & the pushing force is evenly distributed..
- Due to absence of any pulling forces, friction occurring at bends are minimized.
- Trajectory influence of the route is minimised.
- As the cable is not subjected to any installation related stresses its life is prolonged.
- Long sections of cables can be installed.
- Light, unarmoured cables can be efficiently & safely installed.
- Faster Installation rate / faster project completion
- Future installation is very easy.
- Single joint during repair of cable..
- Save on human power with this machine.

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