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Condux Cable blowing machines

Cable blowing machines, Fibre optic Cable Blowing Machines, Cable Jetting MachinesWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) 7 HydroFOK cable blowing machines can blow between diameters from 8mm to 30mm fiber optic cables. Cable Jetting

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Practice of cable blowing machines

Fiber Blowing Machines - Cable Floating Machines In the 21st century the cable jetting technique is used worldwide, from small optical telecom cables (1.8 mm diameter) in small microducts (3 mm internal diameter)  up to large copper telecom cables (35 mm diameter) in large ducts (50 mm internal diameter). Jetting is done with a pressure of the compressed air in the order [...]

Advantages of jetting compared to pulling

Longer installation distances can be reached Installation distance less dependent on bends and undulations in duct Forces exerted on the cable are lower Easier use jet in tandem operation The step of installing a winch rope is avoided Equipment is needed only at one end of the duct route fiber blowing machines -  

Cable Jetting

Cable jetting is the process of blowing a cable through a duct while simultaneously pushing the cable into the duct. Compressed air is injected at the duct inlet and flows through the duct and along the cable at high speed. (Preferably, no suction pig is used at the cable head.) The high speed air propels the cable due [...]

Cable Unraveling

CABLE UNRAVELER Cable unraveler is used to unravel fibre optic cable coiled on a roller in the form of slack towards a certain region with machine cable unraveler removes human facter and saves your time in cable unraveling job.  The same system can be used inversely way that the cable unravelled in the form of slack is sent to the inside of hdp pipe. […]