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Cable Blowing Machines

There are recommended procedures in order for installing and testing cabling networks that utilize optical fiber cables which is cable blowing machines and involved components to carry signals for communications, and other telecommunication purposes. It is essential to define a procedure that must provide a high level of quality for fiber optic cable installations. Well, fiber [...]

Installation of fiber optic cable

Should you use fiber optics for your communications system? What are its Advantages and disadvantages? Fiber optics is not still too new for everybody to adopt it? Is it hard to design and install fiber optic networks? Maintenance do they require? […]

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Advantages of jetting compared to pulling

Longer installation distances can be reached Installation distance less dependent on bends and undulations in duct Forces exerted on the cable are lower Easier use jet in tandem operation The step of installing a winch rope is avoided Equipment is needed only at one end of the duct route fiber blowing machines -  

FOK Machine

FOK Machine  GENERAL INFORMATION Our standart Cable Blower manufacturing designed to work with the 40 HDP pipe diameter. The connector, which can be adjusted according to  HDP pipe diameter, can be manufactured. Weight of  FOK is 45 kg, working mode. FOK is  a very compact machine with a cable-laying. […]