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Fiber optic indoor installation

Fiber optic indoor installation For the fiber installation process will be indoor or outdoor jobs. Ffth process can make easly with the fiber blowing machines. Most common solution provide ffth and fftx project for the user. Fiber optic indoor installation Detailed informaitons in our e- catalogues. You can contact via contact for directly [...]

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OFC Blowing Machine

What is Blowing air? Outside plant cable installation personnel by the method of drawing a line of very tanıdık.Kanal yarn, pull the cable through the cable line into the channel, or the force required to pull römorkör.Kablo usually a crane or hand-over-hand rope is pulling. This force is required to overcome the frictional resistance of [...]

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Fiber blowing machine

Turkish fiber blowing machines Optical fibre cable blowing machine - Kosmak Machine Turkey manufacturer  

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FOK Machine

FOK Machine  GENERAL INFORMATION Our standart Cable Blower manufacturing designed to work with the 40 HDP pipe diameter. The connector, which can be adjusted according to  HDP pipe diameter, can be manufactured. Weight of  FOK is 45 kg, working mode. FOK is  a very compact machine with a cable-laying. […]