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Fiber optic indoor installation

Fiber optic indoor installation For the fiber installation process will be indoor or outdoor jobs. Ffth process can make easly with the fiber blowing machines. Most common solution provide ffth and fftx project for the user. Fiber optic indoor installation Detailed informaitons in our e- catalogues. You can contact via contact for directly [...]

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Advantages of jetting compared to pulling

Longer installation distances can be reached Installation distance less dependent on bends and undulations in duct Forces exerted on the cable are lower Easier use jet in tandem operation The step of installing a winch rope is avoided Equipment is needed only at one end of the duct route fiber blowing machines -  


HYDROFOK with Hydraulic Power Pack HydroFOK is used to blow tubes into the ducts. This machine is prepared for two different types ; 1) Seven tubes (diameter 10mm) into the ducts (diameter 50mm). 2) Four tubes (diameter 12mm) into the ducts (diameter 50mm). […]

HDP Pipe Connection Device

GENERAL INFORMATION The plastic sleeves used for connecting HDP pipes are disposable. However, two-part sleeves manufactured by Cable Jet Machine can be disassembled easily after using and can be used recurrently. Our company is able to manufacture HDP pipe connection devices suitable for the HDP pipes used and your special requests as well. […]

Cable Unraveling

CABLE UNRAVELER Cable unraveler is used to unravel fibre optic cable coiled on a roller in the form of slack towards a certain region with machine cable unraveler removes human facter and saves your time in cable unraveling job.  The same system can be used inversely way that the cable unravelled in the form of slack is sent to the inside of hdp pipe. […]