[dcs_image align=”left” src=”http://cable-jet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/cable-jet-fiber-optic-blowing-machines-FOK-.jpg” w=”231″ h=”213″ mleft=”5″ mtop=”5″ mright=”5″ mbottom=”5″ desc=”FOK” /]FOK is the safest method available laying 12 km cable  within a day with the repelling force . Fiber optic cable does not create any problem with overloading or pulling. This  cable eliminates the need of expensive cumbersome power for its users. Air motor requires to the maximum of at least 6 bar -1.6m3/dk. Air engine is double-acting, 740 wattS. The  unit cost and weight reduction, which is necessary for appropriate Compressor system, should have the following characteristics. Flow rate is for  inner diameter 42 mm and 15 m3/min exeeding for a place with cables channels.Performance exeedssafe temperature of 30 ° C, is recommended to use a cooler. A special unit should be equipped with a refrigerant compressor.[dcs_image align=”right” src=”http://cable-jet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/cable-jet-fiber-optic-blowing-machines-FOK.jpg” w=”231″ h=”213″ mleft=”5″ mtop=”5″ mright=”5″ mbottom=”5″ desc=”FOK MACHINES ” group=”FOK” /]

cable-jet FOK Machine FOK Machine cable jetFOK system performance is defined as follows: IF a machine at installed size (? BOARD LENGHTS) is used :  1000 – channel and the cable and , depending on quality and features of  the ambient temperature, is 3000 m and more. SPEED FLOOR is betweeen 30, 60 m / min range. Pushing power cable weighs 80-90 kilograms. Each additional machine (cascade) is  1 operator for Fok operators.Your  Cable propelling force is reduced through 2 unit air motor.

Our standart Fok machine manufacturing designed to work with the 40 HDP pipe diameter. The connector, which can be adjusted according to  HDP pipe diameter, can be manufactured.  Weight of FOK is 45 kg, working mode. FOK is  a very compact machine with a cable-laying. FOK cable is given together with  diameters ranging from 6-11 mm, 12-18 mm with FOKing inserts 9-13 mm, 14-22 mm, the most common sizes, 540, 365 and 330 mm (other sizes on request) the channel inserts. Fiber optic cable blowing machines

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